Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead
By Ximena & Angel

During the celebration of the Day of the Dead people were questioning about the origins of that day.
Then, a scientist named Daniel came in and told them that if they want to know the origins it would be better to go back in time to investigate it, then he invented a time machine to go back in time and see from when are the origins of the Day of the Dead.

They went back in time and saw that they were not the only ones who celebrated that day. Countries like:
Guatemala, Haiti, Bolivia, El Salvador among others also celebrate the day of the dead in the same dates as them.
They also went to the past to see from where and when does the Day of the Dead comes.
Then, they visited Mexico to see how they celebrate and they saw that the Day of the Dead comes from the indigenous people. They did rituals for their relatives that were dead.
Daniel went to El Salvador and he saw that there the people only go to the cementery to see the tombs of their dead relatives.
After that, in Guatemala they do a kite party.
In Haiti, they do voodoo rituals.

After investigating all of that they returned to their time and country happy because of all they learned.


  1. Here in Mexico we think that our dead people came to visit us on November 1st, thats why we make an "Ofrenda" with the things that they used tu use and the food they liked to offer them. I think this celebrations are important to continue our custom and teach our children to keep the traditions and respect the others customs. Congratulatiosn for your story. Monica Cecilia Balestrini Romero

  2. First of all, I like very much your story.
    Well I think that one of our traditions is go to the cemetery to visit our dead relatives.
    I specially like this traditions because we can learn of our culture.

    Ana Maria Huerta