Sunday, October 28, 2012

story of a ghost

Story of a ghost By JULIO and ANGEL There was two researchers Julio and Angel. They went to a house to search a mystery book to find the origins of Day of Dead, in the library of the house they opened the book and suddenly a couple of ghosts appears, Julio and Angel were scared but the ghosts were friendly , and they started to tell the horrible story of their dead… There was 5 persons the butler, Mr. Smith, the Countless, Ms. Gabriela, Jack her brother, Mr. Sparrow and Ms. T the cooker. Mr. Smith said :”Last Friday night Ms. T and I were in the living room and we heard a scream of the countless ,when we went to her bedroom, we saw her laying down with a knife on her heart, I started to scream for everybody, the first person that came was Mr. Sparrow, then I tried to call the police when a shot killed me. Mr. Sparrow found my body, he called Ms. T , to saw if I could live without success”. - Now I tell you this because I am trapped in this book and I need your help to find my killer. The boys Julio and Angel were going to the rooms to looking for evidence to find the guilty. The first suspect is Mr. Sparrow, but he was her lover and he was deeply sad, so we think he has not reason to kill her, the second suspect is Ms. T, she is an old woman and her glasses are very big and she doesn’t see very well so, the last person is Jack. We investigate that he was the countess’s heir and one week after the accident he was travelling for all over the world. Then Julio and Angel went to see the ghost to tell him the true… And now the ghost Mr. Smith is looking Jack to revenge him and he appears him every Friday when he was taking a shower and tells him uaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!! The end…..

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