Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day of deaths in guatemala.

Day of deaths in guatemala. Guatemalan celebrations of the Day of the Dead are highlighted by the construction and flying of giant kites in addition to the traditional visits to grave sites of ancestors. A big event also is the consumption of fiambre, which is made only for this day during the year. It was the day 2nd of november and there was a very big sound it was the festival of day of death🎆a boy called gualiduli was very sad because in that day 4 years ago his grandfather died💀his mother was also sab because he was depressed about that and he didn't want to go to the festival😔. He heared a sound of a man that man was his grandfather the boy follow him to the street where it was the festival with a lot of ballons and decorated cars the boy felt so happy because his grandfather wasn't "there" but the boy know that he was still in spirit and that his body was resting in peace😄✨🙏. By daniel.

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