Monday, March 14, 2016

Blender by Pablo


In 1922, Stephen Poplawski invented the blender. For those of you who have never been in a kitchen or a bar, a blender is a small electric appliance that has a tall container and blades that chop, grind and puree food and beverages. Stephen Poplawski was the first to put a spinning blade at the bottom of a container. He used his appliance to make soda fountain drinks. In 1935, Fred Osius improved on Poplawski's idea and invented the famous Waring Blender. Fred Osius later began working on ways to improve the Poplawski blender.

Stephen Poplawski was born in Poland on August 14, 1885. Little is known about his childhood. He emigrated with his parents at the age of nine (9) to America settling in Racine, Wisconsin. In 1918 he founded his own company Stephens Tool Company producing tooling only to be hired the next year by Arnold Electric Company. While there he developed an electric mixer for use in restaurants to mix malts, shakes, and such. He filed his first patent in 1922 "for the first mixer of my design having an agitating element mounted in a base and adapted to be drivingly connected with the agitator in the cup when the cup was placed in a recess in the top of the base". Poplawski continued to file more patents into the 1920's and made Arnold the leading manufacturer of electric blenders. He joined Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company in 1926 when they bought out Arnold Electric Company. In 1933 he finally founded his own company manufacturing electric blenders for residential use instead of commercial. In 1940 he patented a mixer made for household use. In 1946 another company bought him out and he in turn retired.

I think that this invention has become necessary for everyone in the usual life, and it has been very useful, for example if you want to make some juice or to make some soup, etc.



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