Thursday, March 3, 2016

Under the Earth (assignment for March 4th)

Theme:  The Earth

Plos:   Language Arts Writing
Social Studies

Final Product:  A Written Essay in Present Passive Voice reinforcing the usage of adjectives.  

Use this image to help you.

a)   Write 5 complete  sentences not less than 15 words describing the image (remember to use capital letters, punctuation marks) circle the adjectives.

b)  Write 5 questions using "wh" words (who, when, where, which, and what?)

c)  Write 3 profound questions and 3 direct questions.

Now watch this video:

a) Investigate about the layers of the Earth. (name them)
b) What causes earthquakes?
c)  Can we prevent a disaster caused by an earthquake?
d)  Why we have earthquakes in Mexico City and not in Querétaro or Mérida.
e)  What is the name of the instrument that measures an earthquake?
f)  Who invented this instrument.

Now using the same image write a story in passive voice:  (at least 100 words)

Title:    Is the Earth a Boy or a Girl.

Remember:  You can work this in your notebook and share it in the blog.

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