Thursday, March 3, 2016

Under the Earth

Under the earth

The image expreses that earth is alive.
Image details how is Earth.
The image shows the people that they have to love towards the earth.
The image shows that earth has life. 
The  image shows how Earth is also a living being with emotions. 

When was earth created?
its estimated to be 600,000,00 years.

Where does earth is in?
its in the milky way galaxy and in our solar system.

What is in his face?
the continents and the oceans.

What does this image represent to you?
how Earth is also a living being with emotions.

Where there any continents on the picture?  
 yes all 6 continents.

The uper layer of the earth is the crust. 

Earthquakes are caused when 2 tectonic plates slip or crush.

We have earthquakes in mexico beacuse its near a tectonic plate. 

We can prevent deasasters having a sismometer nears us.

Its called seismograph.

michele de rossi 
Once  there was a little cat that decided to go explore new galaxy's and name them so the cat named the milky way because he liked it then he started to look at the planets and name them he named the earth because it was black and so on the cat gave names to the planets like mars Neptune etc.when he came up with a new name for the earth he was going to name it asterisc the fepade arrested him for charges and Bulgary to the universe 

Diego Gama

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