Monday, March 7, 2016

Under the earth (Jun)

This picture has a kid with green eyes.
The kids eyes contrast with the earth.
Is only one thing Thath is not with painting.
You can't see the North and the South Pole.
Also Canada is missing a part.

1 witch is the biggest country in the world?

2 witch is the name of our galaxy?
Milky Way 

3 in watch rotates the earth?
In a axis

how long takes the earth to orbit the sun?
365 day's 

5 how long takes the earth to orbit him self?
24 hours

A) The four layers of the Earth 
Crust, mantle, outer core, inner core

B) Watch causes earthquakes?
Earthquakes are caused when a tectonic plate moves and it also muves the earth.

C) Why we have earthquakes in Mexico City and not in Queretaro or Merida?
Because Mexico City are experiencing a combination of conditions that collectively degrade the security environment in certain areas.And in Queretaro or Merida not much.

D) What is the name of the instrument that measure an Earthquake? Seismometer

E) who invented the instrument? Luigi Palmieri

The earth is boy or girl?

In a far far far galaxy is a planet could the planet earth in this planet are a lot of families from all the country's but in the middle of theplanet is a Jung and strong, he is the sun of a god, he has two missions in his mind the first one is to know the gender of the planet and the second one is to know who is his father.
After all this he starter his first battle with a giant slimy tiger could the Marc, after killing this beast he went to hell there he took a secret street to go to the inner core of the earth, after going ready to fight he find just a lot of ice and read rocks.
He was really sad and he went again to the middle of the earth there it was his father waiting for him and the father sad Thath he is the God of gods Zeus and he is really proud of his son.

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