Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Earth

The Earth
Earth is the third planet from the Sun  and is the largest of the terrestrial  planet . The Earth was formed approximately 4.54 billion years ago and is the only known planet to support life.

To take care of our planet we can do many things:

1.       Pay attention to what you are buying. Buy paper products made from recycled goods, etc..
2.      2. Recycle. If you don’t recycle, COME ON. It’s 2016. Don’t blame it on your building or your house or your town.
3.      3. Be mindful of what you throw away. Can it be donated? Can it be saved? Recycled? Composted? The dumpster should be the last resort.
4.      Volunteer. Give your time, or at least some of your cash to worthy causes. Help clean up areas where you live, walk dogs at your local shelter, or raise some dollars to give to a worthy cause. There are people out there fighting for the planet and its animals. Help them out!
5.      Give meaningful gifts.
6.      Go paperless. With the fluidity and ease of emails today, there is no need for any of our bills or mail to be in paper form.
7.      Get mad. All it takes is a little research to find out the horrifying truths about how little is being done about climate change, pollution, waste, and bad practices. Pick a cause to be mad about, and do something. It’s your planet, too, and nothing will help more than individuals caring about what is going on.
8.      Get reusable bags for the grocery store.
9.      Don’t waste water. There are people on the planet with no water to drink, yet we waste water at an alarming rate.
10.  Ride a bike. Get exercise AND pollute less. If you can walk or ride your bike to work, it’s a win-win. Your actions DO matter. And don’t forget a helmet.
In my opinión I think that if we can safe our nature, we can safe our planet. Doing all these measures we can contribute for a better planet in the future
Researched By Cristian Rodríguez Millán

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