Thursday, March 3, 2016

Under the Earth

1- Humans are what makes the Earth be what it is, we also make the bad things it has.
2- Earth was beautiful until humans started to contaminate it with our creations.
3- Children are the future of Earth because they can make the difference in contamination.

What picture that is painted in the children's face?
The continents

What color is the child's eyes?
Is the child smiling?

Why is the child's face painted?
Because it's a tradition.

What is the child's name?

Who is the child's father?
Juan Martinez

The layers of the earth are the crust, the upper mantle, the lower mantle, the inter core and the outer core.
Earthquakes are caused by the movement of the tectonic plate. It can cause disasters that can be prevented by being ready and having alarms. It depends on where the tectonic plate is that there are
going to be more earthquakes, so in Mexico City there is a tectonic plate which causes to be more earthquakes.
The here is an instrument that measures how bad the earthquake was and it is called seismograph and it was created by John Milne.

Is the Earth a Boy or a Girl

A long time ago, millions of years ago, there was a little stone ball that got away from it's  group wandering around the universe when it suddenly started to duplicate it's size time after time until it was the size of a planet.
In a moment it meted a young fireball called the sun that had a lot of other planets running around it.
The big stone asked the sun if he could help it and the sun said yes, it asked what did it wanted and the little planet told the sun that he wanted to run around him to, and the sun accepted, then the little planet asked for a name but it told the sun that he didn't wanted to be a boy or a girl, the sun took its time to think about a good name for it. After a long time the sun called him Earth and ever since the little planet is called Earth.

Jose Reyes Fenig

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