Thursday, March 3, 2016


1.-Is the only planet with life .
2.-Two thirds of it is water.
3.-It is in the solar system.
4.-It's atmosphere is made of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
5.-It has lots of animals.
6.-It has only one satellite.
7.-It was created millions of years ago.
8.-It is the third planet in the solar system.
9.-It is a rock planet.
10.-It is in the Milky Way .

We need to care the planet because the Earth is our home and only have one .

The oxygen of the earth is limited if no care the plants and we can die .

If not people care the natural resources we can finished and we can die .

The contamination of the people kill the planet Earth our home .

All the people need to care the planet because there are million of species.

In all the solar system are one planet with oxygen and is our home wye need to care it.

The water in the earth is limited we need care it because we need it's to live .

We need the natural resources because help to our life and we need to care it because this is the only planet that has them.

The planet Earth is important in our life because is the only home for the humans.

We need to care our forest. Because if no wee are kill the Earth.

My personal opinion is that  the planet was created of hotter rocks.


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